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IT PC/Computer Support for Private Persons

Sometimes you are on a tight deadline or facing unwanted troubles with your computer. If so, then we are excited to help you as soon as possible. Helping you with any IT or Computer related issues is our motto and we feel relieved when we fix problems for our clients.

Best Computer Repair Services

With more than a decade of experience, we will fix any kind of problems for your PC, laptop, or MAC and make it running in no time. Even you are at home on weekends, we will come to your home for fixing your computer issues on the same day. From network to hardware-related issues, we will find out the exact problem and provide a better solution for you. If you are thinking about what kind of services we are providing? Then rest assured! We have almost all kinds of IT/Computer related Problems fixing ability to offer. To know more about our services, keep scrolling down!

Our Series of IT/Computer Services for you and Near you

Whenever you are searching for reliable, efficient, and true experts of IT services near you, you will find us for your help. Moreover, our expert staffs know how to diagnose your computer and fix it with ease. You will be amazed by their turnaround time for your pc issues fixing.
Here’s a list of our series of IT/Computer related solutions for you –

Computer Repair

Replacing a damaged computer is quite expensive in some cases. Whereas, we can help you figure out if your computer parts can be saved with repairs or need to be replaced. In most cases, business or personal computers can be fixed with repairs to save time and money.

  • Software Repairs – Sometimes, your computer becomes barely useable, I mean very slow. Luckily, our technicians can easily speed up by tuning up the operating system and blocking unwanted apps.
  • Hardware Repairs – Our expert technicians not only can repair internal hardware but also external hardware of your computer too. First, we diagnose multiple tests including ram, motherboard, and several other components for finding damaged parts. Then we try to find solutions including repairing possibilities too.

IT Support for your Business

When facing any IT-related issues in business, it can become a big massacre. Because all of the employee’s finances, accounts are maintained through computers. For fixing IT-related problems in your business, you will need a reliable, expert, and affordable IT solution. To make your employees and customer’s management live easier, we provide all kinds of IT support for your business with our expert technicians.

Data Backup

In the era of technology, data is the most crucial part of humans. Every day we interact with others, especially via social media and cell phones. As a result, all those data are stored automatically in our emails, mobile, and cloud storage. By any chance, if malware or viruses get into your computer then those data might get damaged. Also, a cup of tea can destroy your laptop too if spilled all over it. But Rest Assured! We are well-trained and versatile experts who will help you set up secure storage. As a result, viruses and malware cannot destroy your precious data.

Antivirus Services

Another great service from us for you is antivirus services. Already you know the importance of antivirus for your computer. Additionally, antivirus software protects your computer not only from viruses but also hijacking, phishing, spying, and various network attacks. Our skilled and professional IT technicians will manage antivirus software for your computer. As a result, you can continue working on your computer with peace of mind and leaving the security duty to us.

Reporting to You

To run your computer smoothly, it needs routine checkups and maintenance. From time to time, your computer needs cleanup and windows updates. With our reporting services, we will run scans on your PC and check if your computer giving a full performance or not. Our expert technicians will patch your window’s code to make it more efficient and keep eye on computer security too. As a result, viruses or slowing down problems will not happen in your computer and you will remain secure.

Onsite Service

Describing some issues is sometimes difficult and it becomes hard to find the exact issue too. That’s why you might need a second set of eyes especially expert eyes. Well, we are ready to come out to your place and diagnose the root cause of the problem.
Some IT problems can be solved remotely and some might need onsite service. We are ready to give onsite service to you.

Malicious Website Protection

There are still several websites like a pirate, adult, and dark web is out there. Many people come across those malicious websites and get infected. Phishing sites can trick an advanced IT user too in certain cases. Those viruses do several damages to business interfaces and steal private user information from computers. Now, with our support, you can be easily protected from those malicious websites and keep your business or personal computer clean.

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes natural disaster like tornadoes or floods hits in. As a result, businesses might loss valuable data stored in their computers. Also, sometimes normal users input wrong data and destroy important data.
We are offering data security and prevention from data loss for IT companies and businesses. We will keep all of your necessary data safe and secure alongside recovery from disaster.

Remote Support

Nowadays technology advances a lot. For this reason, we can remotely give users the support they need. Sometimes, your computer acts strangely and not working the way you used to operate.

As a result, you might search for remote support and our expert technicians are always ready to fix your technical issues remotely.

Gaming/Custom Computer Building

Our technicians are very friendly too alongside experts and professionals. If you are going to build a custom Computer for gaming, editing, VFX, or other purposes, then they will help you choose the right components and build a custom computer for you. Custom Computers usually last longer because all hardware components are specifically chosen for a reason.

Hardware Monitoring

Well, hardware is the heart of a computer. Your hardware needs a periodical checkup and needs to clean too.

Our team will help you check your computer’s hardware stats and clean if necessary. If your hardware remains in good condition, then your pc will remain stable and will run smoothly.

Private Support for IT/Support Problems

Whenever you are facing any kind of problem that is not listed in our service listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are running our services for you, our main focus is client satisfaction.

Moreover, all of our technicians including me is working for a decade. As a result, we got a long experience on IT-related issues.

We don’t call ourselves the best but what we can offer you is reliable and fully knowledgable technicians and they have your IT/Computer related problem-solving abilities.

If your business relies on technologies, then we might become friends and a part of your backup expert team. Be happy!

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